Athleisure is the New Science

In the world of everyday fashion, we have seen a stride towards comfort and practicality along with being on trend. We see tags that say when you by this product the profits go to a charity or that the garments were made by artisans around the world. All of that is very important to take into consideration, but so is the science behind your clothing. If you are into athleisure as much as I am, you are always looking for the next pair of grey or black joggers that are versatile enough for the gym or street. You also are crossing your fingers for durable fabric that doesn’t pill the second time you wash it. Ladies and gentleman, I give you BukiBrand.

Joey Rodolfo created a men’s and women’s athleisure line that is composed of architechual silhouettes and amazing tailoring combined with a technology that caters to his on the go target market. BukiBrand is the only company that uses Kinoki-3.0™ fiber technology in their fabric. This technology allows the fabric to have thermoregulation, which regulates the wearer’s body temperature by pulling moisture away from the body. The woven-like knit fabric is super soft, easily cleaned, and stretches without losing its original form.

Where style and fashion illustration come together:

I wore my Buki outfit to a work day filled with meetings and multiple places to go and  while doing outdoor yoga. I assure you that this moisture wicking technology is no joke. The fabric of the clothes was able to keep up with my non-stop movement and my skin could still breathe while in yoga. I got plenty of compliments on the minimalist style of the clothing too!

There are so many small and unique details to these pieces. I love the design of the pant. They are the perfect color to go from day to night, and they have the cutest little stitch detailing on the side going into the pocket. The “too good to be true” brand is here: A minimal and versatile athliesure brand whose clothes actually do what they say they do. 100% approval from an on the go and active woman!

Photography by Allison Sowle

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