U-Day before V-Day

Every February 13th, I take time to myself before Valentine’s Day. I do things that calm me down, allow me to enjoy whatever my current situation is, and bring me to a place of relaxation. Today I took an adventure in Daly City, California. I also wore a brand that is very near and dear to my heart on the trip. When you look good, you feel good.

This brand is called Serengetee. It is a t-shirt and accessory brand that has an entire platform around travel. The founders, Jeff and Ryan, started this company when they were studying abroad. They got inspiration from all of the unique fabrics and patterns they saw in every new place. Starting in there dorm room, they created pocketed shirts for their friends. Now it is a thriving company with a whole community behind it.

This brand is so special to me not only because I love traveling and new places, but they enforced the idea that you can do business while doing things you love to do. I was a representative for them in my first year and a half of college, and my urge to explore grew. It lead me to the most beautiful places in the Bay Area. I also met such amazing and inspirational people through the rep program. Seeing each other’s adventures moves you to go travel and see more.

The way it works is you pick a style of shirt or accessory that you want, then you can choose from numerous fabrics from around the world for the pocket. Depending on which fabric you buy, donations are made to a cause or charity associated with that fabric. The pocket I have on in the pictures above is made out of the Yangi fabric. It works to stop human trafficking. Other fabrics work toward cleaning the oceans, getting underprivileged children an education, helps indigenous communities in specific countries, and so much more.


What does Serengetee have to do with taking a U-Day? For me, it encourages travel and new experiences. Both of those things bring ease to my thoughts and make me happy. Always remember to take time to appreciate yourself. Your body is an incredible machine that needs both physical and mental attention. It is a vessel that your beautiful soul is carried in.

Happy U-Day everyone, I hope you all have a love filled day tomorrow for both you and special someone! ❤

Photography by William Rivers

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