An Edgy Look for Date Night

Are you starring at your closet with a mere hour and a half to get ready, and you still don’t know what to wear? That happens to me all the time, especially for date nights. Valentine’s Day is the biggest date night of the year! Your look has to be spot on, and you are tired of the typical red or pink dress. I say throw some big girl pants on!


This is a way to look edgy and new in the dimly lit restaurant or get a few extra glances at the club. A statement jacket is a smart¬†choice for Valentine’s Day because it shows that you are powerful and confident. This vintage leather jacket has just the right amount of sheen that will catch any light. The track pant trend can be dressed up or down, so throw on some heeled booties to add height.

This idea of a trendy pant and a thrown on jacket suggests ease and readiness for a fun and spontaneous night! Whether you are going out with a special someone or celebrating with the girls, you will feel confident and comfortable. Isn’t that the perfect combo?

Side note: Loving the Michael Jackson vibes with the glasses and sharp shoulders.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ‚̧

Photography by Allison Sowle.

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