Furry Days

I woke up today with the thought of dressing super cool-street-chic today and with the thought of just throwing on basics and walking out the door. Then I end up staring at my gaping closet and dresser and sorting through all of the clothes in my head trying to pull together a happy medium. I’ll show you how to please that lazy morning mood and the little fashionista waving her Celine bags around urging you to look decent.

It is actually super simple. I am just wearing a white tank top and black denim, but I threw a statement piece over them with sunnies. I adore this faux fur jacket because it is so warm and has a satiny lining that slips over anything. The deep navy goes with any color that we are seeing right now- which is all of them. Sunnies hide those designer bags under your eyes. Then do a colored lip, and you are ready to take on your day.

On days like today, I usually do a red lip. It is classic, and it makes people think you tried this morning. With the deeper hue of my sunglasses, I figured a dusty pink would suit the basics underneath the statement piece.


Photo by Allison Sowle

Pair everything with a super versatile bootie or sneaker, and you are all set. Find some cool sidewalk art while your at it hehe! It didn’t happen unless you take the picture for Instagram right?

Photography by Allison Sowle

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