Snap It Up This Summer

Today I am wearing one of my favorite designers. Christopher Kane is known for black, browns, and grays, maybe a dash of blue. This FW17 season he showcased a use of sparkling sequins and flowers. He still stuck to his love of dark shades. The color in the collection really popped.


Photo by Allison Sowle

The reason I am talking about this is because I am prepping to update my summer wardrobe. Though this concept is for next fall, this idea was brought over from his summer collection that is out now. I am loving his use of non-girly florals. It’s interesting because he uses such feminine motifs but is still able to maintain his edge.


That’s the trend I will be grasping this summer. I want the flounce of a summer 3/4 length skirt, but the edge of a fall leather jacket. Versatility is a concept being talked about in garments. People are striving to make their clothes go from day to night and from season to season more than ever. Timeless pieces are key. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a few fun summer pieces as well. Hint: Only buy 1 or 2 off the shoulder tops…that trend will be done by mid-summer. It’s been in laggard stores since the beginning of the retail summer season.


Photo by Allison Sowle


Photo by Allison Sowle

In the mean time I’m wearing this convertible Christopher Kane snap sweatshirt I found at Mercy Vintage in Oakland, CA. These boyfriend Zara jeans are comfy to spend the day in, and these H&M boots add the “pop” factor. They aren’t in stores anymore, but here is another cool option. Here are some pieces to look for this summer:

Happy summer shopping!

All photography done by Allison Sowle.

P.S. Off topic, but if you are traveling to Wisconsin and want to get a tattoo. Mine are all done by Chris at Homeward Bound in West Bend, WI. Rates are so affordable there, and the talent is impeccable. Make an appointment here.

XO- Alex


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