Favorite Childhood T.V. Show Influences Clothing Obsession

Laying in bed ignoring my alarm, I had the most random thought. My mind flashed to a seen of my pre-teen self flipping from one television station to another. One of my favorite after-school-activities was to come home and watch Friends. When that was over I moved one channel up to watch That 70’s Show. This was pre-Netflix, so our modern binge-watching was watching reruns of television shows everyday after school.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

Random half awake thoughts are my favorite because they give me the best inspiration. Mine are often random flashes of the past, possible encounters of the future, or just flat out weird scenarios. When I have them, I often use them to get dressed in the morning. That being said, I channel my inner Donna, Jackie, and Fez.

I grabbed my favorite WhoWhatWear turtleneck sweater from Target and some wide leg vintage pants I got at Mercy Vintage in Oakland. To top off the 70’s staples look I added some flat chestnut ankle boots.


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández

I really love the minor details in the pants and the minimal knit pattern on the shoulder of the sweater. There are so many ways I have worn these two pieces. I tell people I must have lived in the 70’s in a past life because I live for their silhouettes, and vintage from that era always finds me.


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández

As always I added some sunnies from Target to complete the look. Playing with the decades of fashion can create the best looks. Everyone knows that the 80’s and 90’s have never died, but some new elements from those fashion periods are emerging into modern style. I’m so excited to see how they are used!

All photography by Sofía Hernández.

XO- Alex


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