Meet San Francisco’s Painted Women

Color connects with our moods and perceptions. Nazaneen Ganji took this thought and made it tangible by starting The Painted Women project.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

Her inspiration came from driving by so many colorful houses in San Francisco’s Sunset District. She knew that all of this lively houses could be captured on camera with a subject that highlighted their beauty.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

The Painted Women project came to be with the idea of all types of women dressing to match a house. The woman would choose the color she felt most confident in, and Nazaneen and her model would go out and find a house that matched their outfit perfectly.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

I was so honored when she messaged me on Instagram. The idea captivated me, so I decided to go with a color that challenges me.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

Green is a color that I am drawn to and buy a lot of garments in that color, but I have the hardest time wearing it. I enjoy completing a challenge, especially something pertaining to fashion, so I knew I would feel fantastic in my completed green outfit.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

This vintage leather coat I bought at Mercy Vintage was a piece that my eyes snapped to in the boutique. The deep of hue of this Forever 21 dress was the perfect backdrop for the coat. Sam Edelman designs the best colorful and unique shoes, so I had to bring these along.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

These photos allowed me to see so many emotions in myself that I am not necessarily able to portray in my other professional images. Styling this look and keeping the types of clothing I feel most confident in was so empowering. That would have to be the best advice I can give to a girl. Look for pieces that don’t only flatter your body but flatter your interests as well.


Photo by Nazaneen Ganji

Here are some more Painted Women:

XO- Alex

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