July 5th Task: Getting Un-kissed by the Sun

After a day like the 4th of July, I am always the one who looks like a lobster. I either forget to reapply my SPF or don’t bother to put it on…I don’t recommend. I want to share my post-sunburn fashion regimen with you!


Photo by Lauren Bayless

The first thought is obviously loose fitting clothing. This dress from H&M (similar style linked here) from a few seasons ago has been my favorite for situations like this. It’s got single spaghetti straps that are the same soft fabric as the dress itself. A dress that hugs your bust but is a bit more relaxed everywhere else is perfect because you feel air circulating by the area you tend to burn the most when sunbathing…your stomach. The longer hemline helps hide your crimson thighs and allows room for excessive amounts of aloe and lotion. Always remember a boxy silhouette.


Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless. Try to play with fun cut-outs in your clothing. It adds an interesting visual element.

Light and worn-in sweaters solve the sudden chills you get when you have really bad sunburn. I’ve worn this piece from Mercy Vintage more than any other one I own. Since the loosely knit yarn has been washed and worn multiple times, all of the filaments and extra fuzz has been eliminated. There is no irritating grind against your skin. See-through sweaters promise circulation, so your skin can still breathe while you stay warm.


Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless

These sandals from Aldo hug the tops of your feet and cup your toes and heels so you don’t have to hang on to them while you walk. Less strain on your skin and muscles.


Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless

This vintage purse is one of the gems I found in Over the Moon in my home state of Wisconsin. The shop owner is a doll, and she has pieces with such personality and history. (Follow them on Instagram here.) Metal handles are always cold when sitting in room-tempature air, so its a good sensation against your burnt skin. You can accessorize with a purpose.



Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless

Quick sunburn beauty tips:

  1. Use your rosy cheeks to your advantage. Skip bronzer and highlighter.
  2. If you must put something on your face, use tinted moisturizer. I recommend Ilia’s Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer. Your face feels like it’s been dipped in water all day. To even out some of the blazing redness, use RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-up. Their products are all made with coconut oil and bacteria doesn’t grow in their potted makeup so using your finger is okay!
  3. Burt’s Bees lip balm- Always! Their added SPF will prevent your lips from getting chapped in the summer rays.
  4. 100% Pure’s Fruit-Dyed Mascara conditions your lashes so much that mine grew longer within a week’s use. I have had patchy lashes for years, and this mascara fixed that problem. Never going back!

Photo by Lauren Bayless

All of the modern pieces in the outfit are shop-able in links above. I hope your sunburn turns into a bronzy tan soon!

All photography by Lauren Bayless. Follow her on Instagram.

XO- Alex


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