Shoulder Pad Wonders

Working in the fashion industry calls for you to have a staple. Grace Coddington has her gorgeous red hair, Anna Wintour’s black sunglasses will never be forgotten, and Danielle Bernstein’s minimalist yet intricate vibe is copied world wide. When I realized mine is a shoulder-padded blazer paired with sunnies, I couldn’t have been happier.


Photo by Heather Perry

A women’s blazer signifies so much. It is a symbol of the women’s workforce. It’s has a shock factor that goes back to WWII when the influential Gabrielle Chanel introduced into women’s fashion changing their dress code forever. You are wearing a piece that offered women one of their first real chances to be independent and confident.


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

We are given so many choices when we wake up in the morning. I dress according to my mood. When I am not feeling the most cheerful or in a determined state of mind, I throw on a blazer. It helps me feel a bit more motivated and powerful. All of mine are vintage, and knowing that I am wearing a piece that didn’t have further impact on the environment makes me happier.


Photo by Heather Perry

Fashion is about expression. I think that is why I am drawn to it. You can provoke conversation, blend in, be bold, hold power…anything! Signature style shows you know how to handle yourself and your image.


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

All photography by Heather Perry. Follow her and her blog Vintage Slang.

XO- Alex

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