Stitches of the past

When people hear the word “vintage”, there are thoughts that link to it. People often think of hipsters or old musty clothing. I wear vintage 4 out of the 7 days of the week, and most of my outfits lean toward the modern look. It’s not about the individual piece, it’s how you style it.

Wearing a head-to-toe look from your favorite brand or store always gives you an extra boost of confidence. This white ensemble is from my favorite store, Mercy Vintage in Oakland, CA.


Photo by Allison Sowle

Curated vintage stores are a great way for college students or anyone who can’t afford the latest Gucci hoodie¬†to get their hands on designer pieces. Vintage boutiques located in bigger cities often have designers marked down to less than half of what the piece was marked for originally.


Photo by Allison Sowle


Photo by Allison Sowle

This amazing ruffle top and leather shorts I got for less than $100. They are both pieces that have the quality craftsmanship that is missing from a lot of our modern fashion.


Photo by Allison Sowle

Thrift shops do have the potential to hold really great finds and designers, you just have to have the time and patience to look through everything. My advice for the average thrift shop is go to companies that don’t have a huge name (like Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul) or are exclusive to a region or town. They often don’t have as many customers, and depending on the town’s demographics and psychographics you can judge the quality of the clothing in the shop. I have had huge luck in Thrift Town in San Leandro, CA. I haven’t found name brand, but a lot of vintage labels and up to date trends come through there!


Photo by Allison Sowle

These sunnies are not vintage, but they are a bold accessory that can add interest to an outfit. I got them from Ambiance SF in the Marina District.


Photo by Allison Sowle

These vintage Versace shoes were a must have when I saw them in the shop. The color is so versatile, and the buckle can add a minimalist touch to any outfit. Best $100 I ever spent!

There is a gratification when you see your vintage collection growing. I have learned a lot more about my personal style from buying vintage than I did in a mall setting. An intimate shopping experience allows you to calm down and take your time. You can evaluate each garment and see how it will work in your current wardrobe. It’s as if you are hunting for the gem in a sea of options.

All photography by Allison Sowle.

XO- Alex


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