Sand in my denim

Here is a modern twist on a ’50-’60’s beach look:


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

This Guess cropped sweater (shop similar here) is great for a late fire at the beach. These vintage shorts look good with layers, a swimsuit top, or a breezy shirt.


Photo by Heather Perry

Backer Beach is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. It’s where my favorite movie was shot, The Princess Diaries, and it’s one of the places I can let my mind calm. The ease of this look allows me get up and go with no hassle.


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

Along the beach, there is so much to explore. Vintage denim is already worn in so climbing and jumping is effortless.


Photo by Heather Perry

Photography by Heather Perry. Follow her on Instagram.


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