Ancient silhouette

There is so much confusion as to what the word “tunic” actually describes. It started in the Roman Empire in the 3rd century BC. A Roman tunic was used as an under garment for a toga or just a long shirt for the lower classes. The word evolved with history, and it ended up describing a shirt, layering piece, and a dress. Different class identifications were associated with it as civilizations came and went.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

This vintage tunic dress from Mercy Vintage in Oakland, CA is one of my favorites. I love the artistry in the different patterns and the unique way to make a bow. It is so comfortable and perfect for throwing on to head out the door.


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández

Wearing a silhouette that plays such a strong part in fashion history always makes me smile. Not only do I know that I bought second hand, but I am wearing a piece that a designer put a lot of though into.


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández

This dress is so versatile. I can wear it as a beach cover-up, a casual look like in this image, or dress it up with a long coat, bright handbag, and booties.


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández

To keep the stripe theme going I chose some lace up/cut out shoes to create contrasting geometric shapes.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

Photography by Sofía Hernández. Follow her on Instagram.

XO- Alex

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