Dress like a blogger 101

I have been following bloggers on Instagram since I started my own account. The world always fascinated me, but I was cautious about joining it. It seemed so populated, and the question of “How will I be different?” was always in my head.


Photo by Sofía Hernández


Photo by Sofía Hernández. Please excuse the tangled straps!

I found myself gravitating towards personal style blogs. I loved seeing what people picked out of their closet everyday. Through high school, my friends and some other people were asking and messaging me for fashion advice. It wasn’t until college that I had the courage to create this blog and have a page devoted to my personal style!


Photo by Sofía Hernández

Is this blog extremely different than most style blogs out there? No. It has a relatively same format and photos.

Becoming the best blogger you can be involves being open to criticism and always learning. I found that my popular focus of sustainable fashion and thrifting was not often combined with my casual/bold/business-woman/minimalist style. (I can never find the right way to describe my style, so if you have ideas please help me out!) That is a differing factor of my blog and something I take pride in.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

The second thing I always wondered was how bloggers always look so put together, effortless, and chic in the simplest clothes! Some of my favorite bloggers take pictures in a striped shirt and jeans, and those garments look like the hottest and newest thing in fashion. I found that not trying too hard, following your first intuition, and paying attention to materials and cuts make all the difference in perfecting the “Blogger Style”.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

Over-thinking is your enemy. If you are struggling to make an outfit more unique, step back for a bit. Rushing details ends in an outfit being too busy or not pleasing to the eye.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

I paired this Hollister camisole I’ve had since middle school with a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans bought from Amour Vert. This plays into attention to materials. Hollister is obviously not an advocate for proper materials in their clothes. Most of them contain polyester and/or rayon. COH is a brand that has sustainable values and knows what type of denim fits different body types. The mini flare at the end of the pant gives a fun and girly twist to the minimalist look. The knowledge of materials and cut counter act the fast-fashion tank top.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

If you have a gut feeling that a garment or accessory doesn’t work with your outfit, trust yourself. We all have had moments where we spend too much time in the morning trying to make something work. Save it for next time, and move on.


Photo by Sofía Hernández. Shoes from Topshop. Shop similar here.

Interesting pops give life to a look. These orange heels and the pink sunnies add a summer-ready vibe, and the accessories stay in the same color family.


Photo by Sofía Hernández. Bag by Isabelle, a vegan leather handbag designer.

A black bag saves the professional and minimalist look. It will always be a go to accessory.

Follow these 3 tips, and you will be looking like a professional blogger in no time.

Photography by Sofía Hernández. Follow her on Instagram.




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