Sun-kissed shoulders

Another combination of contemporary and vintage that’s perfect for the beach. This stretch-runch top and vintage shorts are the perfect pieces to layer with a swimsuit.


Photo by Heather Perry

I am actually on my way to a family vacation in Door County, WI. This is a quaint little beach county with fine dining and homey cottages. I am packing a very similar outfit for our beach day. I will be posting those images on Instagram in the next few days.


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

These cotton shorts are actually my favorite for vacation because sand gets caught on the outside of the fibers. You won’t get sad in your pants with shorts like these.


Photo by Heather Perry. Shorts from Mercy Vintage.


Photo by Heather Perry

Wearing off-the-shoulder tops in summer has another asset besides the feminine cut. It’s another excuse to play with makeup. The sun is so brilliant in August, and wearing highlighter on the high points of your shoulders and collar bone will have you glowing. I love it for a swimsuit embellished with metal or sparkle. If you live in the Midwest, you know how brilliant the sunsets are. You will be a stand-out at golden hour!


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

I want to say thank you to my readers and followers! The support is so appreciated, and it gives me confidence to keep going ❤ Have a great day and always remember to get out and play!

Photography by Heather Perry. Follow her on Instagram.

XO- Alex

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