Umber & Ochre: The full circle

100% cotton and the beach seem like a blissful combination. The light and soft plant is happiness, breezy, easy, and serene. Umber & Ochre has managed to morph a brand image from their material’s connotation all while being environmentally conscious.

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Photo by Heather Perry

Motto’s like “Made Simply and Sustainably, to Last” will definitely catch my eye. Each of their garments are made with 100% Cotton, some are even hand spun. When you feel the garment, the raw texture of a cotton fiber is obvious. This means that very minimal processing happened to make the clothes. Soft and natural to the touch is a huge indicator that your clothes will last.

Look 1-8

Photo by Heather Perry

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Photo by Heather Perry

Along with being eco-friendly in their production, they are a local brand in San Francisco! Shopping local almost guarantees that you will find more unique and interesting pieces than in department stores. All of my clothes that were bought locally are durable and some I have yet to find a similar piece to.

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Photo by Heather Perry

Everything in their collection is breathable and can be paired with a lot of things. It’s targeted toward beachwear, but you can dress up most of clothes. They do have a higher price point, but it is deserved. They take the time to hand spin garments, they use quality-grown cotton, and these garments will not fall apart in 10+ years. It is rare today to find brands that use well paid human hands to make their product, not machines. Easy to wear, comfort, and versatility is how I would describe Umber & Ochre.

Look 1-2

Photo by Heather Perry

Look 2-6

Photo by Heather Perry

You feel a bit happier and blissful in them. They are the perfect garments to sit and watch the waves in.

Look 1-4

Photo by Heather Perry

Photography by Heather Perry. Follow her on Instagram.

Follow Umber & Ochre on Instagram.

XO- Alex

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