White on what?

I am usually not a white denim person. It is such a bold material, and if it’s not used correctly it can ruin an entire look. Here are a few ways to wear those white skinny jeans or old white denim jacket that has been collecting dust in your closet.


Photo by Lauren Bayless

The first is pure contrast. No one wants to just throw on a black shirt with some white jeans; that’s too easy. This Who What Wear capsule collection shirt from Target has the perfect amount of black and detail. The flowers have a yellow center so there is dash of color. The black bag pulls it together with a bit of professionalism.


Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless

When we are talking about a white denim jacket or top, keep the bottoms to a minimum. I love an edgy black skirt, especially if its patent faux leather. Dress it up with some sock boots or casual with white adidas. The average denim button down top can be paired with a medium denim skinny jean. A fun pop of color in the shoes or handbag will bring a more playful and breezy look to the outfit. Black heels will turn you into a Guess ad in seconds.


Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless

A great look for fall would be a caramel or burgundy sweater with white denim skinny jeans with black booties. It’s simple and will look like you “cared” in the morning. Accessories are free range with this combination. You can really make this look your own with so many options.

Photo by Lauren Bayless

Photo by Lauren Bayless. Shoes from Target.

Tip: If you are wanting to make a patch denim jacket or customize any denim, look to vintage or thrift stores to find the denim piece. Worked-in denim is easy to play with and will give if sewing is needed.


Photo by Lauren Bayless


Photo by Lauren Bayless

Photography by Lauren Bayless. Follow her on Instagram.

XO- Alex

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