Necessary basics with a twist

Work out clothes turned street style is a huge trend. Comfort and practicality is the kind of clothing this day and age needs. Buki revolutionized the idea even more by creating versatile athleisure with fabric technology.


Photo by Heather Perry

Buki is an amazing company out of Seattle, Washington who have supported my work since the very beginning of this blog. Huge thank you’s to them! You can read about my first collaboration with themĀ here.

They use fabric technology to make life on the move as simple as possible. Innovative moisture-wicking fabric, easy care, and body temperature-regulating materials are all part of the Kinoki 3.0 technology used to make each piece.


Photo by Heather Perry

One of the reasons why I love their product is because each piece can be styled on a man or woman. This is a men’s workout tee turned baggy minimalist style. Before this shoot, I wore it on a jog. It doesn’t stick to a sweaty body, and the fabric feels light even when it absorbs some of the moisture. After a wash, there was no pilling or signs of wear.


Photo by Heather Perry

The brand has a certain aesthetic, so everything you buy can be mixed and matched. San Francisco’s vibe is super casual and laid back, so this company is perfect if you live in the Bay Area. Everything is very lightweight, so it’s perfect for our busy lives and business trips.


Photo by Heather Perry


Photo by Heather Perry

Other ways you could style this tee is with a high-waisted midi skirt with a scarf or jacket. Knotted at the waist with denim or patterned shorts is great for a festival. You can always pair it with a pair of Adidas Originals pants. It’s a grey t-shirt, so the options are endless.


Photo by Heather Perry. Shoes by Kenneth Cole.

Shop Buki on their website. You can also follow them on Instagram.

All photography by Heather Perry. Follow her on Instagram.

XO- Alex

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