Collagen is the New Fashion Technology

Remember when light up shoes were the biggest innovation in commercial fashion? It was during an age where children’s toys were shifting to CD-ROMs, Game Boys were shrinking in size, and paper 3-D glasses with blue and red lenses provided an enhanced reality.

Since those tiny light bulbs activated by steps, technology in fashion has been one of the biggest phenomenons in the industry’s history. Many creative interpretations have been literal. Jackets are laced with charging cables, dresses have LED lights shimmering through organza and fiber-optics, and cross body purses have shrunk down to hold only a smartphone.


Photo by Heather Perry

Creatives have moved past the idea of metallics or light up trinkets as innovation. They have each had their moment. The true stunner is innovation that only the wearer can experience. Buki has made a Collagen Collection that provides skin care throughout the day while wearing the garment.



Photo by Heather Perry

This collection includes a series of tops, a scarf, and even a pillowcase that moisturize, deodorize, and protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Fabric technology has graduated clothing to being your daily dermatologist. Basics of skin care have never been easier to follow.


Photo by Heather Perry

My favorite part is the comfort and moisturizing elements. Some could think that the fabric would feel greasy or slick to the touch. We are not talking about cheap aloe vera socks here. Instead of taking off the garment feeling coated and suffocated, my skin felt refreshed and could breathe.  The garment added a healthy, wholesome look to my skin. This fabric is soft, thin to the touch, and absolutely not sheer. With the ever-changing San Francisco weather, the deodorizing element is a gift.


Photo by Heather Perry

After my beyond successful wear test, I did a wash test to see if the qualities of the garment held up. No surprise, they did. I machine washed the garment on a normal cycle and air dried. There was absolutely no pilling, a quality Buki is known for, and the soft material kept its hand. The moisturizing element is not a semi-permanent finish that disappears in one wear or wash.


Photo by Heather Perry

Buki spoke to minimalists, athletes, and travelers with this Collagen Collection. The essential cuts of each garment designed in black allowed for a versatile styling piece that can fit into a compact closet or suitcase. UV protection is a necessary element for vacations that involve varying climates. The thin, clinging fabric enables fluid body movement and layering ability. Deodorization, breathability, and UV protection all accompany the needs of an athlete.


Photo by Heather Perry

We are left with a garment that defied the industry’s definition of technology in fashion. Buki did this without lights, sparkle, or a visual shock factor. Garments that have endless styling potential, durability, and enhance human health are pieces we wear most. Collagen has become the wearer’s secret. Beauty, skin care, and fashion have officially become one.

I am wearing the Collagen Turtleneck in all photos. I also have the Collagen V-Neck.

You can follow all of Buki’s fashion innovations on their Instagram.

All photography is by Heather Perry. Follow her work and travels on Instagram.

XO- Alex




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