Summer Trend Transition: Basket Bags

Chiming bells are going off in your ear at 7 A.M. It’s a Thursday morning, and you are out of 85 degree weather wardrobe ideas. 15 minutes pass while you stare at a closet that is much better suited for the fall/winter season. At this point, brushing your teeth and washing your face seems like a better option. You have 10 minutes before having to leave for work, still standing in the silk robe that hung from your closet hook at 6:59 A.M. Does that sound familiar?


Photo by Marina Bell

I go through that process more times than I would like to admit during the summer season. It usually leads to another click on Pinterest for outfit inspiration, then a trip to Depop to thrift a current trend.



Photo by Marina Bell


Photo by Marina Bell

Basket bags, wide leg pants, and statement earrings were my over indulgences this summer. With a theme of traveling abroad, or finding spots in your local area that could look European (me), it was easy to get caught up in the summer buys. A button down tank dress, criss-cross slides, and interchangeable accessories went to the top of the list. If you are anything like me, you forget that a seasons are typically three months long. There’s no need to buy a closet’s worth of clothing for summer, but it happens. Instead of donating clothing that is worn once or not at all or forgetting about it to only buy a replica next season, this is how you transition some summer trends into fall 2018.


Photo by Marina Bell


Photo by Marina Bell

Midi skirts were a huge trend this summer, and thank the fashion gods they are showing up in fall. I would add a neutral toned, scrunched down boot to add texture and throw on the basket bag for a summer-fall transition. It would also look cute with an oversized sweater.


Photo by Marina Bell


Photo by Marina Bell

This look is very obvious but noteworthy. Cut-offs turn into jeans and tank tops turn into sleeves. If you are looking for denim that will hug your shape, but not sag or stretch out in odd places, vintage denim is the answer. True denim is pure cotton, it does not include spandex or elastane to add stretch or comfort. When other materials are added to denim or a denim substitute, it lessens the quality of the end result and look. This fall season, indulge in a pair of vintage denim that will last you… forever. A billowy shirt keeps the flirty attitude of summer alive, and the basket bag adds texture. I would top this look off with a earth toned jacket, the earrings pictured, and some white sneakers.


Photo by Marina Bell

Take vacation pieces with you to work. Wide leg pants are a staple in workwear right now. As the leaves turn from green to auburn, let fabrics like linen and lyocell be your guide. These still allow your body to breathe while giving you professional structure and drape. Natural fabrics are a great compliment to the earthy tone of basket bags. I am wearing a vintage linen blazer that I live in. To edge this look up, I would switch out the feminine flats with a chunky white sneaker and put my hair in a top knot.

I wish you all a happy fall season and to get some rest before the fashion month madness. This holiday season it is one of my goals to shop less and to shop smarter. If any of you have any tips on how to trend transition or have any tricks you live by I would love to chat in the comments section or on Instagram!

XO- Alex



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