Shoulder Pad Wonders

Working in the fashion industry calls for you to have a staple. Grace Coddington has her gorgeous red hair, Anna Wintour’s black sunglasses will never be forgotten, and Danielle Bernstein’s minimalist yet intricate vibe is copied world wide. When I realized mine is a shoulder-padded blazer paired with sunnies, I couldn’t have been happier.


Photo by Heather Perry

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Time-Saving Jewelry? Yes Please.

I tend to find myself going through a common cycle. During winter and fall, I wear a ton of minimal black, grey, and white. A lot of duster coats, turtlenecks, and high waisted denim. When a hint of a summer breeze blows through, I slowly pull out my earth-toned, patterned pieces and start to latch on to the bohemian style. My baseball caps and ambassador brand t-shirts come out as hiking season begins. It’s completely night and day.


Photo by Allison Sowle

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Favorite Childhood T.V. Show Influences Clothing Obsession

Laying in bed ignoring my alarm, I had the most random thought. My mind flashed to a seen of my pre-teen self flipping from one television station to another. One of my favorite after-school-activities was to come home and watch Friends. When that was over I moved one channel up to watch That 70’s Show. This was pre-Netflix, so our modern binge-watching was watching reruns of television shows everyday after school.


Photo by Sofía Hernández

Random half awake thoughts are my favorite because they give me the best inspiration. Mine are often random flashes of the past, possible encounters of the future, or just flat out weird scenarios. When I have them, I often use them to get dressed in the morning. That being said, I channel my inner Donna, Jackie, and Fez.

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The Style Wheel

Fashion is a reflection of each person’s feelings, views, and attitude for the day. This is why we see political references in fashion month and why our closets have an array of colors. Ever since I was a little girl I was amazed by how trends changed. I noticed patterns and colors appear more frequently at certain times of the year. Recently, I noticed a drastic change of interest in myself.


Photo by Allison Sowle

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