Bespoke Lingerie is the Staple of 2018

Lingerie and I go way back. The first time I tried the decadent lace was at the age of two. Digging through my mom’s burlesque costumes from the 80’s sparked my love of fashion.  She kept some of her favorites from her dance wardrobe, and those pieces became my dress-up go-tos.

Now at the age of 20, I am collaborating with a bespoke lingerie brand that is rooted in lingerie’s history, the current zeitgeist, and women’s confidence. I introduce Madalyn Joy Designs.

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Photo by Brooke Komas

In the predicted zeitgeist of 2018, lingerie will continue to be more exposed than it ever was in history. Madalyn Joy is the designer behind Madalyn Joy Designs, and I am honored to celebrate exposed lingerie and the female body with her through my first blog post of the new year.

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Photo by Brooke Komas

Madalyn and I officially met when I worked at Michael’s Craft Store. She came to my register, and I must have given her a look of “I know you from somewhere”. We figured out that she and I have been following each other on Instagram for the longest time, but have never met in person. About a year later, I took a vacation home. We decided to collaborate. I had only seen her work on Instagram, and I was blown away when I saw the pieces in person.

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Photo by Brooke Komas

A bachelor’s degree in Textile and Apparel Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and internships for notable brands in New York lead her to pursue her own designs and create her label. Her studio is located in Port Washington, WI where she has private appointments for clients to get fitted for their custom lingerie.

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Photo by Brook Komas

This past September, she debuted her biggest project yet, “Flora and Fauna” in Milwaukee Fashion Week. Some pieces of the collection were presented in the Runway 27 show at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She also released a Holiday 2017 collection that can definitely ring in the new year for the brand.

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Photo by Brooke Komas

The annual hot topic of New Year’s Resolutions is amongst us again. They tend to come with the idea of “change”. Through the marketing of this brand, I would definitely suggest it to the women that intend to not change, but continue to love, respect, and celebrate their body.

In the About page, they express the importance of  women feeling confident in what they wear, no matter their size: “The most rewarding part about working with intimates is seeing how my designs fit and flatter the female figure and show off certain features such as a peek of a leg through a daring slit.”

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Photo by Brooke Komas

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Photo by Brooke Komas

The beautiful complexity of a woman and the use of her multiple talents all play into the lifestyle Madalyn Joy Designs caters to. The designer wants to eliminate the idea that the only two bras a woman needs is a push-up bra and a sports bra. Lingerie is a textbook of woman’s roles in society, and the modern woman deserves the everyday pretty, lacy, and slightly scandalous bra and panty.

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Photo by Brooke Komas

Because of the Madalyn Joy woman’s busy lifestyle, the brand makes an effort to put back the fantastical into functionality. Pieces that protect, hold up, and accentuate the body don’t have to be a boring basic. It also doesn’t have to be hidden. Her “Flora and Fauna” collection and the Holiday 2017 collection both feature pieces that are meant to be seen. Intricately beaded bodysuits and flowing skirts are paired together to make an evening look. Here are some of my favorites:

I took one of the more basic bodysuits and turned it into a business casual look. Maybe just add some nipple covers. It is a very versatile piece. Add some faux leather skinny jeans and and a vintage denim jacket for a night out. The Sex in the City vibes will be endless.

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Photo by Brooke Komas

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Photo by Brooke Komas.

A couple of the common lingerie-check-list-questions answered:

Is the lace scratchy? No. It is very smooth and high quality.

Do the elastic bands or straps dig in? No. The customized design will have your perfect measurements. Lingerie shouldn’t be a standard sizing industry, and Madalyn understands that!

Here are some detail shots to show the craftswomanship!

All photography by Brooke Komas. Follow her blog and Instagram.

Assistant on set: Vanali Phanthavong.

XO- Alex

P.S. Remember to treat yourself in 2018! You deserve it.


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