Chase Away Negativity

I woke up this morning feeling extra thankful for all I have experienced and all that I am able to do. After a relatively stressful start of the week, it was so refreshing. This lead me to want to share my favorite thing I do to unwind and let my thoughts go.


My main source of relaxation is to go on a walk in a green setting and enjoy nature. The energy from the earth is so powerful and healing. I enjoy the feeling of being small when you are up on a tall hill or in a forest looking up at a green canopy.


Photo by Allison Sowle

On my days to relax, I love to wear clothes that make me feel good but also support a good cause. The saying “Fashion isn’t just clothing, it’s a feeling” has proven itself true to me countless times. The feeling I want to get from my clothes is a sense of I helped what and who is around me. These rope sandals are from Nomadic State of Mind and are made from recycled rope. They also carry organic clothing.

These pants are from a company called The Elephant Pants. With each garment or accessory bought they donate a portion of each sale to help save elephants’ environments, save them from poaching, and get them out of circuses. They are easily the most comfortable pants I own and are so affordable!

Remember to laugh and smile today. It’s contagious ❤

All photography by Allison Sowle

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