Never Stop Celebrating

I regret not getting this post up on Mother’s Day, but better late than never! This outfit is a real vision of the past in the present. To honor my mom, I used her clothes to make an outfit!


Photo by Allison Sowle. Sunglasses from Ross Dress for Less.

These are her vintage Rider pants and her blazer from the 80’s. I wear this blazer with absolutely everything. It fascinates me how timeless it is even with having shoulder pads.


Photo by Allison Sowle

Why honor my mom through fashion? It’s was our first common interest. In the 80’s, my mom had a name in Las Vegas dancing and working in high end department stores. I always tease her about how many clothes she donated that are now back in style. Shaking her head every time I bring home a garment or accessory that she wore back then, she laughs and says “Oh my god! Really?! I had that.”


Photo by Allison Sowle. T-shirt by J.Crew

When I was a toddler, I always ran to her closet. Behind the doors was a floral dresser, and the bottom draw held all her past’s treasures. Dance leotards, lace, and show shoes bursted out of the drawer. Running around the house in a blue lace leotard, a leopard print scarf and some red show shows as my favorite activity. Without trying, she introduced me to the passion I have today. I guess it’s one of those things where people say it’s in their blood.


Photo by Allison Sowle

I wish I had a specific picture of me as a toddler to show you. Maybe when I go home I’ll find it and add it to the post. It is of me using the dresser to stand and throwing every lacy delicate she had over my head, one red pump and one black pump dangling off my tiny feet. It’s a memory that I don’t remember in my head, but it’s brought to life with every time my mom tells that story.


Photo by Allison Sowle

I definitely have my mom’s androgynous, tailored style. It may not show through in every outfit, but it’s my go-to look. I find it so interesting when daughters and moms share the same style when the mom was that age. It’s a mix of the zeitgeist and some psychological thing I’m sure!


Photo by Allison Sowle


Photo by Allison Sowle. Shoes from Topshop.

I completed the look with some oxford shoes. These are tan patent leather and go with anything! I wear them with culottes and a white button down, denim and knitwear, or shorts and a baggy shirt for summer.

Fashion is a way for me to express myself and to celebrate my mom. How do you have a connection with your mom? I would love to know!

XO- Alex

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